I change book covers like I change nail polish. Today, I'm feeling pink. As much as I loved the prior cover, I opted for something simpler this time around. Like it?

And tomorrow is a new promotion day, but it's not lasting long so get The Homeschoolers while it's free. Once I get all famous, the price is libel to get jacked up. This way you can say you were introduced to Henry Circle's work way back when she wasn't anything but a novice, giving her book away on Amazon! 
I guarantee that you will get more than one or two chuckles out of this novel. If you aren't one of the lucky ones that get in on the promotion, I suggest you put your $2.99 on the line. Laughter adds years to your life. and laugh, you will! Consider it a personal investment! 

Thanks for stopping by today And please, take the time time to send a few kind words my way on the review page for Amazon. Your Henry would sure appreciate it. Hope you're having a good day. I'm sending much love and good thoughts your way.  -Henry


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