I've had a few questions about whose hands are on the cover. Not mine! I have sad, chewed up nails and, sprouting hang nails everywhere. And hands that manage to be chapped and flaky, despite the fact that I rarely dip a finger in dish water. My sister was kind enough to be my model. She even shaved her knuckles for me!  I'm lucky to have such a swell kid sister!

I wanted The Homeschoolers book cover to convey the youthfulness and quirkiness of the characters and various elements of the plot. I was a doodle queen in high school so I thought I'd put a little of the old magic on my book. I was pleased with the doodly, girly and less than polished appearance of the art work. Look at the cover again after reading The Homeschoolers. Can't you just see Christina drawing out the page

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