I just released my first young adult novel. The Homeschoolers, on Amazon kindle (yes, that was a little self-promo there), and I'm having to learn how to promote my ebook in a very competitive setting.  All the online articles give the same pretty obvious advice. Have giveaways on goodreads, promote yourself on Amazon Author Central, start a blog, tag your blog posts and book with keywords, tweet. And now, a few of the ideas I have come up with or others have suggested to me.

* Become an Amazon associate so you can create an ad on your website/blog for your book. See mine over there to the right?

* Find other authors on Author Central, goodreads, writersnet, etc to join a promo group with you. If I tell you to read my novel because it's great, you probably won't listen, but have someone else talk you up and your book will get some notice. Have them review you on their websites.

*Pin your book on Pinterest and have all your obligated friends/families/associates do the same.

*Make flyers and put them up at local coffee shops/churches/libraries/bulletin boards.

*Have a giveaway on your blog or a popular blog and do a giveaway of an Amazon card or a gift card from another book retailer. Have entrants answer questions about your book's sample chapters or why they would read your book. Advertise the giveaway on Sweeps Advantage, Prizey and Cashnet Sweeps.

*Make promo items with your title and name on them (cups, pens, hats, lanyards, magnets,tshirts,etc) and distribute the freebies in the goodie bags for walk/runs (find them on runningintheusa.com).

*Set a promo day when your book will be cheaper or free, and send a mass email out to bloggers and book reviewers informing them of this monumental event.

Those are just a few of my ideas. If you have any more, feel free to add your two cents in the comments. Suggestions and opinions are always welcome here! I'll add more tips and tricks as I learn them myself! Good luck, my fellow writers! 

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