Yes. Henry Circle is a pen name. My real name is Bertha Fuffenbutter. Just kidding! Henry is indeed an alias. I chose to use a nom de plume because, for one thing, I have a terribly common name. Same thing with my maiden name. There are already several authors with my name and even middle initial. Using my real name would just make a confusing mess. And, they are kind of romantic and whimsical. I'll admit it. Primary reason for having a pen name: Despite being the mouth of the South, I have shy moments. Sometimes, I'm downright insecure. No one believes that since I'm the loudest person in any room, and I'm known to toot my own horn a bit. Toot toot. But the truth is, often when I see a person I know in a grocery store, I'll hide from them before they spot me. I have the occasional anti-social moment. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows your name and your business. It has it's perks, but anonymity is the best. I love being another nameless face in a city. The great thing about a pen name is getting to chose when you want to own up to your body of work or when you want to be quiet about it. You never know, I might want to turn The Homeschoolers into erotica. That would be wrong on so many levels, but I have the freedom to do that without worry of finding a horse head on my doorstep thanks to "Henry Circle". So where did the name come from? Why a boy's name? It was an easy choice. Henry Circle was my childhood imaginary friend. You can only see him and enter his world by spinning around really fast in a circle. My mother calls me "Henry" to this day.

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